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About Pinta

PINTA Bar & Grill - Network democratic pubs. PINTA Bar & Grill - a balanced combination of the best recreation, quality food, pleasant atmosphere and a variety of barley beverages.

All bars PINTA is a classic brasseries, where you can enjoy more than 10 varieties on tap only the amber beverage.


Values ​​PINTA Bar & Grill unite people who appreciate true quality malt beverage for modest money.

During the entire network bars PINTA is a single menu and a unified pricing policy.


A distinctive feature of the network is a permanent promotional offers that allow guests to enjoy a visit to the bars with a double pleasure. Promotional offers are valid throughout the network and are designed for different groups of people, age groups and price expectations.


One important factor, for which guests are very fond of bars PINTA, is a service. Service Network PINTA Bar & Grill meets international standards and is constantly improved and modernized in order to increase the level of satisfaction of guests. Service in the bars PINTA is much higher than you would normally expect from a pub.


Genuine atmosphere of comfort and fun to create and thanks speech Life Band'ov and regular guests and connoisseurs bars PINTA.


The first bar PINTA has been opened on the street. Gogol, 169, next to the river Esentai in 2008. This bar from the early days very fond of many guests, and soon the room for everyone to become small, and the plans came the discovery of the second point. In 2012, the bar was closed for major reconstruction, and re-opened its doors on September 1, 2015. Currently PINTA on Vesnovka - a three-storey complex with two summer terraces, a karaoke hall and a stage for performances of live bands.


The second bar PINTA was opened June 6, 2009 at Auezov, 84A, Mynbayev street corner. Bar immediately fell in love with the guests and to this day remains one of the most loved and visited by guests bars.


The third bar PINTA on Furmanov 77 was opened on January 7 2010. The bar has been and remains one of the cozy bars and small network, which brings together permanent guests bars.


Fourth PINTA bar opened its doors to guests in 2010 at Bogenbai Batyr 79. Bar a bit different from its predecessors - it was a traditional pub in the basement of a house. For now this bar has moved to the bar Pinta at Hotel Kazakhstan.


Fifth PINTA bar was opened in the shopping center Mega Alma-Ata in 2011. Bar fond of not only beer lovers, but also became a favorite place for families Almaty. The bar is located at Rozybakiev 247A.


Sixth PINTA bar opened its doors in 2012 in the trade and entertainment center of Prime Plaza. The bar awaits its guests at Prospect. Raiymbek 514a.


Seventh PINTA bar was opened in 2013 in the SEC ADK. The bar is located at the intersection of ul. Satpayev, 90/28 and streets Brusilovsky.


PINTA in mall Mega Park, the eighth, was opened in 2015 at the address. Makatayev 127.


In 2015, just opened two new bars in the capital, Astana. Ninth PINTA in mall Mega Astana, at Korgalzhyn highway, 1, and the tenth "anniversary" PINTA on Auezov, 8 BC in ASIA.


Eleventh Pinta bar has opened its doors in December 2016 at the Hotel Kazakhstan. This bar has a huge stage and new interior, but the same crazy atmosphere.

Currently, all 10 schools in the network operate fully and meet the daily visitors who love web bars PINTA.